New homepage was established
2019/9/26   >>Infomation

Our new homepage for overseas was established.

In 1712, EDO era, the time has gone back to about 300 years ago, INCENSE is said to be originated in Sakai city Osaka, Japan in where OKUNOSEIMEIDO CO.LTD has kept on creating fragrance and injected new life into the present INCENSE based on the original compounding notebook transmitted since that period EDO.

With Appreciation and respect towards the founder "Jinkohya Kyujiro" we have been making our products with the upmost love by long-standing history and heart as the 9th head of the family for 300 years.

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46th Sakai Festival

2019/9/24   >>Infomation

This year’s Sakai Festival will be held on the weekend of the 19 and 20 October.
OKUNO SEIMEIDO participated in this festival every year.


OKUNO-SEIMEIDO is pleased to present the novelties for 2018! Have a look at our latest in-house creations.